Virtual Reality – A Revolutionary Technology

Virtual reality is also known as computer-simulated reality and immersive multimedia. It is basically a computer technology that replicates an environment, which can be real or imagined. This technology is designed to simulate the user’s physical presence in this environment and allows him to interact with the elements of the environment. Virtual reality artificially generates a sensory experience, which can include sight, hearing, smell, and touch. The virtual reality computer and gadgets are employed in a wide range of applications. From science to gaming, this technology is bringing about revolutionary changes in many domains. It is expected that VR will be the base of many technological innovations in the future.


Virtual reality is the biggest revolution in the gaming industry and if you are an avid gamer then you can certainly understand that how this innovative technology has improved our gaming experience. Now you can not only play games but participate in them and have a real time gaming experience within the comforts of your home. The invention of virtual reality is a boon to the technology world and it has certainly enhanced the gaming experience. Products like VR desktop, glasses, and headsets are quite popular amongst gamers and if you are a gaming enthusiast then you must buy these new age gadgets.

Education And Training

Nowadays, virtual reality PCs are becoming increasingly popular because they can be employed in a wide range of applications. These computers are not just used for gaming purpose but are also employed for teaching and training purpose. The use of VR in the realm of education and training is quite advantageous for young children and young aspirants. This technology has immensely contributed in making classes and training sessions more interactive and interesting. Virtual reality can be called the future of the education and professional training. It is expected that this technology will soon be a part of educational systems and professional training courses across different parts of the world.


Virtual reality horror movies are a rage amongst movie buffs, who have ardor for the horror genre. Movies like Slenderman 360 and Lock Your Doors are a must watch. This technology has made these movies scarier because this it allows the viewer to get completely immersed in the movie. With VR glasses and computer, you will feel like you are a part of the movie and everything will seem to be like it is happening right in front of your eyes.

Essential Elements of an IT Technology Solutions Provider

Internet has expanded beyond imagination and the companies are no longer happy at merely having a web presence. They want the websites to be perfect and reflect their professionalism. The IT technology solution provider creates and maintains the brand image of the company online with their unique and beneficial technology consulting solutions which provide impressive corporate image. Such technology consulting solutions providers cater quality services for all types of online business needs – whether your site is static or complex database oriented interactive websites. Such technology solution provider has a large creative team that has a fine blend of both experience and innovation. With the help of their services you can get your stunning website fully functional.

In today’s online business, search engines play a big part in promoting business and driving traffic to any website. The online users rely heavily on the search engines to get their required information. Any reputed Staten Island computer support service provider would recognize this trend. They would also have a team of SEO experts who would provide effective tips to drive traffic to the website; thereby you will find new ways of generating revenue online. The technology solution provider would also have various self developed software which helps in monitoring and measuring various business related processes. With these software applications project management becomes hassle free and straightforward process. Some of the other elements that go into the work process of an IT technology solution provider are discussed below:


In this phase the technology solution provider will try to weigh the scope, capabilities, schedule, requirements and costs of the project. These aspects are judged against the business objectives of any given company. The technology consulting solutions will chalk out an appropriate course of action and deliver new or re-engineered system.


In this phase the plans are made to make your business vision become operational reality. In this phase the detailed list of requirements and system architecture specifications are made which ensures smooth execution of your project. Some stages within this phase include:

  • Creating requirement specifications.
  • High level object model which would highlight business objectives.
  • High Level Project Planning where tasks, preliminary schedules, resource requirements and organizational charts are made.
  • Technical and Software Architecture planning which includes tasks on the part of technology solution provider such as software partitioning, protocols, other products and deployment options.
  • Selecting architecture and GUI prototypes by technology consulting solutions companies to ensure that the end product is functionally efficient as well as user friendly.


There are different groups created by the technology solution provider based on the business functions and each of these groups is provided with certain milestones. The milestones set in the development phase include:

  • Designing documentation which contains various sequences diagrams and is a higher level to the Object Model.
  • Source codes are written to implement the business functions within the system.
  • Beginning with the unit testing there are various other types of testing carried out by the technology solution provider.
  • As each of the milestones is met the functional system demo is shown to the company.

Last but not the least comes the testing phase, where the tools and functions developed by the technology solution provider are checked by the users.

With the help of these steps the technology consulting solutions providers offer their services to the companies and help them meet many complex requirements.

5 Computer Issues to Fix Before Taking it For Service

A common feeling with computer problem is that people consider it hard to fix it or to deal it by themselves or are not interested in spending time in fixing even the simplest issues. In fact, it is best to consider fixing your computer issues, before calling for tech support or running to a computer repair shop. Try something; there are simple things that are overlooked. If you get hands on these simple things, you will save dollars in hundreds and also equal amount of frustration.

First, restart your computer. This can be done by pressing the power button. In fact, the truth is that many users have to be taught to restart their computers, so it is not worth overlooking this simple step. Restarting your computer is mandatory at least once prior to scheduling a computer repair.

Second, clear the browsers cache. This has the image of removing key on a keyboard. This is no joke and so clearing the browsers cache is essential as it has the recently visited pages saved to the hard drive of your computer and this may be the real fix. Of course, clearing cache alone does not fix a broken website or problems related to the internet, but it is really helpful. It is easy to clear cache, if you have internet related issue, particularly with certain pages, clear the cache prior to giving your computer for service.

Tip: Most browsers refer it as cache, while the Internet Explorer refers these saved pages as Temporary Internet Files. Clearing cache retrieves new copy and this happens automatically. Clearing cache is recommended even for issues such as 404 or 502 issues.

Third, scan for malware and viruses. Scanning for virus is important. Most problems do not relate to infection. Often virus caused problems may cause sluggishness in the computer; there may be frozen windows, random error messages, and so on. Run a full malware scan.

Fourth, reinstall the program. Computer issues may be software specific and if it happens while using, starting or even while stopping a specific program, consider reinstalling. These problems may make the computer to fall apart, particularly on using an offending program, but it is a simple solution. Reinstalling is about uninstalling it and again installing. Each program removes itself as an automated process and if you believe the problem is software specific, download the program from original installation disc and reinstall it.

Fifth, delete the cookies from your browser. If you are experiencing problems with logging into websites and you come across several error messages, it is time to clear the cookies from the browser. Cookies get created as you visit websites and they ensure easy online experience. Some are created on visiting sites and it will show in the address bar, while some sites such as images or ads that you visit may create cookies.

These are simple steps to resolve computer issues based on their symptoms. These can be done by yourself, before you pay someone for the same computer services.

Cloud Computing – An Overview of a Promising Technology of Present and for Future Too

Cloud is a metaphor used for the availability of data and information over the Internet; this technology represents a modern concept, enabling convenient and on-demand network access to digital resources, anywhere and anytime with no human intervention. It is a technologically superior platform to conduct diverse business processes based on the idea of generating computing facility on demand. Servers, applications such as emails, voice, back up, security, are some of the main resources that cloud computing delivers over the Internet to the companies. With numerous compelling features, it has proved a resourceful solution for all the companies in terms of budget, efficiency and turn-around-time.

Models of Cloud Computing:

There are three models. They are as follows-

Public Cloud – In this model, a service provider makes digital resources such as applications, storage, available to other organizations or public over the Internet on pay-per-usage model. Thus, eliminating the need of any hardware or supporting infrastructure at the user’s end.

Private Cloud – A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network and functions solely for a single organization and provides more control over company’s data and avoids many of the objections regarding cloud computing security.

Hybrid Cloud – This is a combination of public and private cloud resources based on technical and business requirements. In this model, an organization manages some resources in-house and others are provided externally.

Benefits of Using Cloud Technology :

Cloud Computing advantages Virtualization by pooling all computer resources together while taking into consideration the scalability of the environment and thus delivering a great service. Here are some key benefits of using cloud. These companies have experienced better business results such as reduced cost of technology infrastructure and operations, and improved revenue growth.

1) Reduce Costs – Cloud Computing reduces overall IT costs by giving an access to converged infrastructure, shared services on a pay-as you-go-model, and does not demands on-premises servers and other expenses related to its maintenance.

2) Enhance Speed – This computing technology enhances speed and provides agility by considerably reducing deployment time. With this robust technology, deploying applications are a matter of minutes.

3) Quick and Easy Learning – Cloud applications are accessed through web browsers and are much simpler to use thus involving less learning curve, making adoption easy.

4) Better Information Security – Moving to cloud ensures better information security as all cloud-computing companies adhered to strict ISO standards.

To Increase Customer Engagement with Cloud Technology

Being advanced and agile, this technology offers a strategic, dynamic and robust base for customer engagement programs. Three simple steps to enhance your customer engagement on cloud.

1) Measure – Marketing clouds can make measuring customer engagement simple, by utilizing various factors such as no. of repeat customers, behavior during Webinars, average visit duration and more. By Clouds, you can measure multiple parameters easily thus giving you in-depth insight of your marketing metrics.

2) Identify – With marketing metrics, you can clearly identify your best channels and can improve upon the ones, which needs further improvement. With research, strategy and experimentation, you can power lacking channels for achieving best results.

3) Select a Cloud Provider – For a smooth transition, you can select a cloud provider, which understands your business needs and helps.

Dane Atkinson is a veteran writer and works for an IT company in Brooklyn, New York City. With over seven years of experience in content writing and development on technology-based informative resources for online marketing, his areas of interest include technological innovations like cloud computing, infrastructure management, data integration and managed services, website development, network security and more. Keep watching this space to read more such topics and industry insights from Dane Atkinson.

Computer Recycling is a Help to The Environment

Computer reuse or the process of recycling any other electronic goods in termed as the recycling. Recycling is the simple process of reusing the old gadgets after little patchwork. This patchwork can be done by completing replacing the old machine or doing some fixing and dismantling the machine and making it new or usable. This is very economical and helpful system of using the damaged system. Recycling doesn’t only help you getting a hold on your cost cutting and budgeting but it also helps the environment and by doing this you is somewhere or the other saving the maker of another gadgets which again involves the process in which the nature gets hurt.

There are many reasons why the machines, electronic goods and computer recycling are done. The first and foremost reason of why to recycle a computer is simple, the computer and technology related with it are changing very rapidly. Everyday a new update comes up, new hardware parts and software or applications gets launched. Most of us are now partially or completely dependent on computer for one or another reason in such condition avoiding the updates regarding the software and hardware is impossible. This is the time when a computer recycles helps; here you don’t need to invest much in a new system where a few patchworks with the hardware and few updates in the software can do the job of a new computer. The recycle helps you getting a surplus of a new machine.

Second and another very important reason why computers are being recycled and the benefit of computer recycle is that earlier when the recycling wasn’t there in the trend the computer after being used and getting damaged used to get dumped in the garbage bin or dump yard. This dumping of machines and gadgets is done is a massive way. Computers are there in almost every house and office, can you imagine if these computers get bad where would it possibly go? If we simply dump it what would be the reaction on our environment surrounding it? Well the reaction would be very damaging. Our surrounding can get damage beyond repair if we dump the computers and other electronic gadgets just like that; hence the recycling is a process through which this damage is getting protected. Recycling also saves our pockets from getting pinched, the recycled computers cost much lesser than the brand new ones.

The Importance Of Information Technology Structure In Business

Nowadays, the importance of IT infrastructure for business cannot be underestimated. As more and more companies prefer to transact business through online means, the average small business owner is compelled to invest more money on computer systems.

Cutting edge IT systems allow people in corporate situations to interact in a much more dynamic fashion. For example, advanced networking capabilities allow employers and executives to remotely communicate with their rank and file employees, as well as clients and potential customers.

Here are some pieces of IT equipment that any aspiring commercial enterprise should think of investing in for future success and growth:

1. Networking Tools and Components – Today’s age of modern communication require people to talk remotely across shores, states and nations. Consequently, for that kind of communication to happen, computers and servers need to be connected to each other. This fast, real time interaction allows for business to happen at the speed of light.

Today, there many known brand names in the field of networking and connectivity. Cisco and Juniper are among the top leaders in the networking market, producing items like networking switches, transceivers, and power supplies.

2. Server Options – Because today’s computers rarely stand alone but instead work in a business network, the need for a reliable server is indispensible. Controllers allow these servers to remotely access all other computers within the system, while hard drives allow the server to backup all files from the network. The choices for good server products are practically endless, but some of the leading brands that come to mind are HP Proliant, IBM, and Dell.

3. Data Storage Devices – How much information does a business venture generate and input in a computer system daily? Of course, the answer is that there are lots of info which needs to be encoded everyday. This includes accounting data, payroll, employee details, business information, executive files, and many others.

As time goes by, there is a need to protect these pieces of information by placing them in a backup server where they can be easily accessed by concerned individuals whenever needed. This is the reason why companies should have top-notch data storage devices and hard drives installed within their servers.

Ever since business became digital, there is literally no turning back. The only real option for business owners is to upgrade their work gear and go digital as well. For executives who are not tech savvy, it is always a good idea to consult an information technology expert or consultant first before installing any computer system within a business office.

Basic Differences Between a Desktop Computer And Notebook

When you think of buying a computer, you will have to decide what type of computer you need. It will all depend on the work you do and if you have never used one before, this might be rather confusing because you will want to know the similarities and differences between each type of machine. Let’s therefore get that out of the way by clarifying which is which.

As the name suggests, a desktop computer sits on your desk and consists of several components such as the tower which in fact is the real computer where the brains are while the rest of it will include the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A Notebook which is better known as a laptop is a device that has everything installed in one unit. Its main advantage is that it can be carried around because it’s small and portable and has a battery life of up to four hours. Everything in a laptop is built in and can be as mall as ten inches or as large as 18 inches or even more.

Computer life started for us with the desktop computer although the present generation prefers the Notebook because it’s thought to be trendier; although this is a bit surprising because the old fashioned desktop PC is definitely faster than the laptop and anyone wanting to play games will find the former a much better and speedier machine. But in both cases, it’s the CPU, RAM and graphic card that decides what you can do on your computer while the hard drive is the decision maker when it comes to the number of programs, documents, e-mails, etc. that can be stored on the computer.

Now let’s leave the very basics of a computer aside to consider the more important aspects such as the motherboard which in fact is the heart and soul of your machine. Every thing on your computer is ultimately connected to the motherboard and for this reason alone you must know what you wish to do with your computer for the simple reasons; if you’re hoping to use a lot of devices with a PCI interface you will have to ensure that your motherboard has extra slots while the same goes for memory in relation to the amount and speed you will need for whatever tasks you’re hoping to perform on your computer.

While the latest motherboard has everything you require inbuilt in to the machine, its always better to check that it has the correct interface for the hard disk, graphic card and any other items you may require including additional ports to accommodate CDs, DVDs etc. Something else you might want to check is if it’s possible for your new motherboard to support any old components you’re hoping to use.

A printer which has no direct relationship to a computer is nevertheless a very important device that we connect to our computers whenever we need the printed version of a document, agreement or spreadsheet. Present day printers are available in two forms known as the mono laser or inkjet printer. Although the Laser Printer is more expensive it provides the better quality print especially where lots of text is involved and is faster as well. An inkjet printer on the other hand is far better for color prints with individual cartridges for each color rather than a combined color cartridge.

How Technology Has Made it Possible to Enhance The Workings of a Desktop PC

In a world that keeps changing and technology keeps improving, computers as we used to know them have evolved to such an extent that they have become almost unrecognizable from those of the days gone by. The ugly monsters that they were, that required a large space to itself can now be held in the palm of your hand or taken with you wherever you go. Apart from the way they look and the sizes which have become smaller and smaller, features and functions have improved so much that its possible for a small office or multi million dollar industry to carry out all its function through the use of modern day computers.

Although most people prefer the easy mobility of portable computers such as laptops and notebooks, there are many more that prefer the easy function ability of the desktop PC which is so much more easier to use, especially when you have to sit in front of it for a long time creating lengthy documents by using the keyboard and mouse which is not something you get on the modern day notebooks or tablet PCs. There’s still a good market for desktop PCs which are not only cost effective but also easy to repair and upgrade unlike the more fashionable and expensive laptops or notebooks.

Along with the enhancement of computers and software, important components such as the Computer motherboard has also developed over the years from the time they consisted of very few features such as the floppy disk which we used to think was amazing and just one or two memory slots. Anything else you needed such as a sound card or a graphic card had to be installed separately. Things are quite different now with the modern day computer motherboards having inbuilt sound and graphic cards and everything that makes you computer function properly connected to the Computer motherboard through an electric circuitry system.

The central processor unit of your computer should be compatible with the socket of the Computer motherboard which is essential for the connection of the CPU to carry out the functions of the computer. The graphic card which is required to enhance imaging in videos and games can also help in increasing the output of the computer. If yours is a normal laptop or desktop PC, it will not be sufficient to carry out tasks such as video editing, or gaming; in which case you will have to buy one with a high power to perform these tasks successfully.

Computer cases, to the uninitiated are what they see as a box with a few slots in it. But for those who use them for all their important tasks, its much more than a case because it is here that all the important functions of a computer take place. A case therefore should be solid and provide security to the components inside and have an excellent cooling system to keep the machine from being overheated. Computer cases are usually made out of steel but you do get cases made from plastic or aluminum or a mix of both. Some people prefer to make their own cases and customize them, with the latest trend being computer cases made out of see through material where the interior lights are set to light up in different colors.

Importance of Latest New Technology Laptops And Mobile Computing

Latest New Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives today. And to keep pace with the latest emerging technology is becoming more and more important in today’s scenario. If you are in the information technology field, you have have to be aware of the latest trends in technology. To be in the mainstream means to keep an eye on the each and every news related to technology. Whether it is Linux, Solaris or Windows operating system, or it is a complex technology like virtualization, you have to have a clear understanding of every emerging technology. Articles on new technology and news about latest technology can help one to make his way into the complex maze of new computer technology. Every other day an IT giant releases a new patch of software and every new fortnight a new software is released based on a radically new technology.

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On the other hand, majority of high-tech gadgets are extremely mobile and portable; this gives the owner the chance to use it at any time and any place. There are lots of high-tech gadgets that contain multiple capabilities. Gadget owners can use just one or two devices to handle many tasks. High-tech gadgets increase personal and professional Latest New Technology productivity. High-tech gadgets pave the way for new devices to be produced. And again make our lives easy and comfortable to be in.We all go by our day-to-day lives doing the same actions at the same time each day. Latest gadgets and technologies really play a big role on our society today that gives a huge impact to our lives.Latest New Technology about timber flooring, fashion, making money online, virtual assistant tips and other types of topics that captures her interest.

Latest Updates And News Of Information Technology

At present IT is the fastest growing industry. When we compare the evolution of computer technology and the several inventions that has taken place, it is evident that this industry is growing very fast and at a very rapidly. All the credit of this exponential growth goes to the promptly emerging new technical updates. SCIVISTA caters to those looking for the information and updates on science and computer that make our daily lives and the tasks very easy. We will help you to introduce with the upcoming technologies.

Computers have become very important in the daily functions of many .People has become more and more advanced with the passage of time. The world that we are living in now is buzzing along a break neck speed and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up especially when it comes to IT sector. 21st century is a century of technological advancements. We can’t think to live without it in this era. People using this for their comforts and ease. Today there is no career without computer knowledge and it revolutionized each and every educational career, not only the career of students but also the career of teaching professionals. Articles and news about latest technology can help one to make his way into the complex maze of new technology. Every other day an IT giant releases a new patch of software and every new fortnight a new software is released .so if you are in the IT field, you have have to be aware of these latest updates. Let it be Linux, Solaris or Windows operating system, or it is a complex like virtualization, you need to have a clear understanding of all of them. Computer is a mandatory requirements for every organizations in the current business world. Many individuals have become IT professionals are now helping in the executing different tasks like, networking and information processing, data management,data base and software design, engineering of hardware as well as the administration and management of the entire systems at affordable cost. Laptops or notebook as they are commonly called, are becoming more and more popular, especially with younger audiences.

A good tech related website like SCIVISTA has all news updates in most simple and user friendly manner so that even a newbie can understand. It is for this reason that our websites earn a worldwide repute. Apart from just using simple language, a good website also understands the significance of technology in general and computer news in particular. Most people believe everything that is reported by the news agencies. As a result, the news exerts a profound influence on the audience. Therefore, when some news is reported wrongly either by mistake or design, it may cause a lot of harm. On the other hand, if the policy of the news agency is to promote the welfare of the people, it could do a lot of good. The future of the IT surely is bright and promising with profound effects on the almost every aspect of the modern day human beings.So let’s take the advantages of them by Reading about new inventions in software and information technology .